Bully Dog 50-State GT Gas Triple Dog Gauge / Tuner NISSAN / INFINITI

Bully Dog 50-State GT Gas Triple Dog Gauge / Tuner NISSAN / INFINITI
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Part Number: 40410
List Price: $499.00
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The Triple Dog GT Tuner is four products in one remarkable unit: a vehicle engine tuner, monitor, gauge, and diagnostic device all in a single unit.

The remarkable GT transforms the utility of your vehicle by increasing horsepower, improving fuel economy, and providing a comprehensive set of monitoring features and diagnostic functions. Other tuning products don't hold a candle to the Triple Dog GT - it has the largest feature set and the widest range of vehicle applications from a single product.

How the GT Gas improves towing

Performance Testing

The Performance testing will accurately calculate and record a vehicles 1/4 mile times and everything in between. The performance testing allows the user the ability to trigger a performance test based upon when the vehicle begins rolling or based on a custom designed drag racing tree that is displayed on screen.

Record and display performance results:
  • 60 ft. time
  • 0-60 mph time
  • 1/8 mile time
  • 1/8 mile speed
  • 1/4 mile time
  • 1/4 mile speed
Our free software program will download performance tests that were performed on the device to a PC and allow the user to analyze their performance runs. Use this software to analyze speed curves, RPM, horsepower and torque and even get a time slip that is printable and can be emailed.


So is it really true, will this product give you improved fuel economy? The answer is: heck yes; but only if you drive conservatively. If you have your foot to the floor everywhere you go, you are liable to see a significant decrease in fuel economy. That is why we can't say for sure how much of an improvement this product will provide because it all comes down to the driver and their individual driving habits. It is true however, that due to the engine tuning process, better fuel efficiency results as a by-product of added horsepower.

The Driving Coach

How do you get the best fuel economy out of your vehicle; and how is anyone supposed to know what "good driving habits" really means? We tested the theory that improving personal driving habits will result in "significant improvements" in fuel economy. The results were so compelling that we developed the Driving Coach feature for the WatchDog and GT. If you are serious about maximizing your potential fuel economy and or just playing your part in conserving energy the Driving Coach is the perfect tool to realize the potential savings.

The driving coach gives the driver specific and instant feedback on how to improve driving habits to help maximize fuel economy for a given vehicle. Through extensive testing we have developed a very specific set of standards that are programed into the Driving Coach that will help any driver to maximize their own fuel economy. In addition to that you can't ignore the other benefits of the Driving Coach which stretch far beyond saving the end user a substantial amount of money. The Driving Coach will help everyone who uses it realize that they really can play their part in fuel conservation and reducing their carbon footprint. Not everyone can run out and buy a hybrid vehicle, but in the mean time the Driving Coach will help all drivers adopt more efficient driving habits.

With the Driving Coach you have all the tools necessary to learn, improve, or reinforce good driving habits.
  • View wasted energy
  • Monitor your driving efficiency
  • Display average economy
  • Display trip economy
  • Display instant economy
  • Choose your own fuel economy goals
  • Specify sensitivity to driving conditions

Monitoring Features

Depending on your vehicle application, your Bully Dog GT, can provide you with monitoring capabilities for any of the following parameters your vehicle can access.
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature (Pyrometer)
    *please note that pyro kits can be added to most vehicles using a PMT, GT, or WatchDog with our Pyro Probe Kit
  • Turbo Boost Pressure
  • Speed
  • Engine RPM
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Fuel Rail Pressure
  • Manifold Absolute Pressure
  • Timing Position
  • Injection Pulse Width
  • Throttle Position (%)
  • Air Intake Temperature
  • Mass Air Flow
  • Barometer
  • Battery Voltage
  • Engine Oil Temperature
  • Injection Control Pressure
  • Transmission Temperature
  • Engine Load
  • Real Time Fuel Economy

Read and Erase Trouble Codes

With the vehicles of today, check engine lights will appear for numerous reasons. Usually you drive around for a month or so, neglecting the light until you can get time to visit a dealership to get it looked at. Well that is no longer an issue because with the Watch Dog, GT, or PMT you can run your own diagnostics check to find out what that check engine light means and then you can erase them yourself.

Speedometer Calibration (GTs and PMT only)

The Calibrate Speedometer feature is also available for many vehicles. This feature is useful to correct the OEM speedometer which is reading inaccurately when an aftermarket tire size has been installed on a vehicle.

NISSAN Applications:

350 Z / 370 Z 3.5L 2005-2009, 3.7L 2009-2016.   ALTIMA 2.5L I4 2005-2016, 3.5L 2005-2016.  ARMADA 5.6L V8 2005-2016.   CUBE 1.6L I4 2009-2011, 1.8L I4 2009-2014.   FRONTIER 2.5L I4 2005-2016, 4.0L V6 2005-2016.   MAXIMA 3.5L 2005-2016.   MURANO 3.5L 2005-2014.   NV2500/3500 4.0L V6 2012-2016, 5.6L V8 2012-2016.   PATHFINDER 3.5L 2012-2016, 4.0L V6 2005-2016, 5.6L V8 2008-2016.   QUEST 3.5L 2005-2016.   ROGUE 2.5L I4 2008-2016.   SENTRA 1.8L I4 2013-2014, 2.0L I4 2007-2014, 2.5L I4 2007-2012.   TITAN 5.6L V8 2005-2016.   VERSA 1.6L I4 2007-2016, 1.8L I4 2007-2016.   XTERRA 4.0L V6 2005-2015.


EX 35 / EX 37 3.5L 2008-2012, 3.7L 2012-2016.   FX 35 / FX 45 / FX 37 3.5L 2005-2012, 3.7L 2012-2016, 4.5L 2005-2008.   G 35 / G 37 3.5L 2005-2009, 3.7L 2009-2016.   JX 35 3.5L 2012-2016.   M 35 / M 37 / M 45 / M 56 3.5L 2006-2010, 3.7L 2011-2016, 4.5L 2005-2016, 5.6L V8 2011-2016.   Q50 3.7L 2013-2014.   Q60 3.7L 2013-2016.   QX50 3.7L 2013-2016.   QX56 5.6L V8 2005-2013.   QX60 3.5L 2013-2016.   QX70 3.7L 2013-2016.