Nissan 350Z NISMO Performance Lightweight Flywheel

Nissan 350Z NISMO Performance Lightweight Flywheel
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Part Number: 12310-RSZ30US
List Price: $647.00
Our Price: $554.00
You Save: $93.00

Fine-tuning your Nissan also involves vital powertrain parts.

To handle the extra power your engine pumps out, choose an extra-strong NISMO clutch. Clutch plates are constructed from NISMO's unique COPPERMIX material for superior performance over a wide temperature range. They're tough enough for drifting, but forgiving enough for street use. For faster acceleration and quicker throttle response, bolt that clutch to a lightweight NISMO flywheel. And to get all that power to the ground, check out a genuine NISMO Limited Slip Differential. Our precision multi-plate LSD generates equal torque to the left and right shafts and "locks up" quickly when the accelerator is "on."

    NISMO Performance Lightweight Flywheel

  • Fits 2003-2006 350Z and 2003-2007 G35 with the VQ35DE engine
  • 28% lighter than stock, over 8lbs less.
  • Less rotating inertia improves throttle response for better acceleration.
  • Compatible with standard clutch cover and NISMO Clutch Cover.
  • Adds mild vibration and noise at idle.