Nissan Cube Triguard Car Cover

Nissan Cube Triguard Car Cover
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Part Number: 999N2-7W001
List Price: $115.00
Our Price: $96.80
You Save: $18.20

Triguard - Tuck in your Cube for the night with an extra layer of protection. Perfect for the garage or carport.

For those who want a Genuine Nissan Car Cover, but don't need protection from heavy weather, Triguard is a great choice. Triguard is a lightweight, three layer material which protects from dirt, dust, light water, bird droppings and other mild hazards. It is perfect for use in a garage or under a carport. Triguard is also treated with UV inhibitors, which helps it stand up to ultra-violet rays emitted by the sun. Although Triguard contains these UV inhibitors, it is not recommended for very sunny climates - Silverguard would be a better option. Triguard covers are gray in color.

Vehicle Fitment:
2009-2014 Cube.