WHITELINE Nissan 350Z/ Infiniti G35 Bushing Essentials Kit

WHITELINE Nissan 350Z/ Infiniti G35 Bushing Essentials Kit
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Part Number: WEK003
List Price: $299.80
Our Price: $269.82
You Save: $29.98

WHITELINE introduces the exciting release of its Nissan 350Z/ Infiniti G35 ESSENTIALS BUSHING KIT (Part # WEK003).

The team at WHITELINE have packaged together this convenient kit that will dramatically improve the 350Z/ G35 handling at a significant cost savings. The team at WHITELINE has identified the most problematic components that are most commonly upgraded and packaged them into one convenient kit. By targeting high failure rate items and bang for your buck enhancement upgrades, WHITELINE delivers significant value by upgrading overall vehicle performance while eliminating waste from full vehicle kits that are rarely installed in entirety.

WEK003 Vehicle Essentials Kit Includes:

  • KDT911 Rear Differential Mount Bushing
  • W52988 Front Upper Control Arm Inner Bushings
  • W52991 Front Lower Control Arm Inner Bushings
  • W52992 Front Control Arm to Shock Bushings
  • W83389 Compression Rod Bushings


2003-2007 Nissan 350Z
2003-2007 Infiniti G35
2003-2007 Skyline V35 RWD


Whiteline Suspension
For those new to Whiteline, the brand graces a number performance suspension components that work hard to deliver real results and performance outcomes for vehicles and motorists the world over. Whiteline's primary focus was initially delivering 'bang for your buck' handling gains from the simplicity of an anti sway bar. But over the years, the expertise, the knowledge, the reputation and the products have grown since progressed to include additional offerings such as the range of infamous anti lift/caster kits, roll centre adjuster kits, adjustable control arms, camber kits, strut and chassis bracing.

Whiteline products are developed up by qualified and willing group of dedicated enthusiasts who are trained in the company's products and philosophy's. The R & D department drives the company to constantly find new and innovative solutions to suspension and handling problems.

Using a range of sophisticated testing and data logging tools, we rely on regular testing to maximize the product benefits and ensure that they work as a complete package tuned to give you the best handling outcome. Whether it be conventional autocross, circuit, drags, drifting or road rally Whiteline has the products and practical experience to maximize the potential of your road/race car. And even if its only to sharpen the handling of your daily driver car, this race experience guarantees a quality, tested and tuned outcome using our products.

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